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Government in its effort to strengthen the farmer assistance programmes towards the improvement of farm productivity terminated the Arable Land Development Programme (ALDEP) in 2008 and replaced it with the Integrated Support Programme for Arable Agriculture Development (ISPAAD)which has been reviewed to improve productivity and technology adoption.

The Integrated Support Programme for Arable Agriculture Development (ISPAAD) was introduced in 2008 to address challenges facing arable farming sector. It was envisaged that the performance of the arable sub-sector would be greatly improved by fencing fields, establishing Agricultural Service Centers as well as assisting arable farmers to acquire requisite inputs and draught power to undertake tillage operation. The ISPAAD guidelines were reviewed in 2013


In 2002, the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security reviewed the subsidy schemes including Services to Livestock Owners in communal Areas (SLOCA) and Livestock Water Development Programme (LWDP). The review resulted in the merger of the two schemes to create Livestock Management and Infrastructure Development (LIMID) project.The scheme was reviewed late last year and new guidelines were deloped

NAMPAADD (National Master Plan for Arable Agricultural and Dairy Development)
Since its inception in 2002 NAMPAADD has established and is operating Production and Training Farms (PTF) in the three sub sectors that covered namely; Rainfed agriculture, Irrigated agriculture and Dairy development. For more information click here (.pdf)
This is a contract agreement form that will be filled and signed by farmers when they hire NAMPAADD implements or when the Department render services which are paid for to them (farmers).

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