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Ostrich price at Government Dibete Ostrich Multiplication Unit (DOMU) ; Livestock Rules and Regulations for National Agricultural Show judgement

The public is hereby informed that the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food Security after receiving requests from farmers and various stakeholders requesting that Government reconsider its position to only assist those farmers who will row plant under the ISPAAD programme starting from this season, has reconsidered its position to allow farmers who cannot afford to row plant to also be assisted.The consideration will cover planting and animal feeds until there are changes to drought situation for the whole country.

Monthly Price Bulletin

A Price Bulletin is a monthly official publication containing latest agricultural prices of farming community's concern. It purely shows prices of selected commodities monitored in sample wholesales, abattoirs, farm production zones, and fresh produce markets and wet markets, retail, farm inputs suppliers. The purpose of this price bulletin is to disseminate agricultural marketing information to producers and stakeholders in agricultural field.

February 2013 Bulletin
January 2013 Bulletin
May 2012 Bulletin
April 2012 Bulletin
March 2012 Bulletin


Agrinews is a monthly magazine which publicises information on the ministry's development projects, policies and programmes, and any other research and extension materials. The following is a list of edition for the current year.

Agrinews March 2014
Agrinews January 2014
Agrinews December 2013
Agrinews November 2013
Agrinews October 2013
Agrinews September 2013
Agrinews August 2013
Agrinews July 2013
Agrinews June 2013


Considering the current foot and mouth disease (FMD) situation in the FMD vaccination zones and the containment zone the national movement protocol has been revised for control and containment of any outbreaks


In 1981 the Department of Agricultural Research made a proposal to come up with the development of a new breed for Botswana. This was an initiative by the department to improve the production potential of beef cattle in the country. It was during this time that Ms Louise Setshwaelo, now Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) country representative, was tasked by her superiors to assess the feasibility of developing a composite breed for the country.
This of course was a difficult task considering the fact that breed development is a time consuming exercise, not to mention the expenses it comes with. Setshwaelo and the team she spearheaded did not despair as they had a vision of one day successfully seeing the rewards of their hard work.

Botswana National Verterinary Laboratory (B.N.V.L.) is accredited to ISO: 17025 standard

Botswana National Veterinary Laboratory has been acredited to International standard ISO: 17025 by the South African National Accreditation System (S.A.N.A.S). get accreditation details


Five enterprise guidelines were developed to assist investors who wish to establish agriculture projects. They are for broilers, layers, vegetables, beekeeping and piggery. The guidelines provide an overview of the current production levels of the various enterprises, prerequisites (such as land, water, management skills, markets, capital), farming systems, management practices, assets (type of structures, machinery, equipment, tools) and inputs to be acquired, infrastructure and a budget based on stipulated assumptions.

Historically the division exist to serve as an outlet for the sales of livestock inputs to the farming community such as Veterinary medicines, Livestock feeds etc. The division was established in early 1970s and was called Vaccine Store with its head quarters in Gaborone, which was later in 1980 change to LAC. more+

Joint Customer Sevice Standards
Please download the customer service standards here (in .pdf)

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
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